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Friday the 13th has strange beginnings

Nathon Anthony, Staff Writer

December 19, 2019

Friggatriskaidekaphobiam, or the fear of “Friday the 13th,” has been going on for a long-time, dating back almost 2000 years. The fear of the day started with biblical tradition on the Last Supper. The supper was held on...

West Woods Upper Elementary School in need of tutors

Nathon Anthony, Staff Writer

September 15, 2019

Students in grades 10-12 are invited to apply to become a tutor at West Woods Upper Elementary School (West Woods). Coordinator of Extended Learning Opportunities Steven Netcoh is running the program for any students who want to wo...

Too long; didn’t read: The declining rate of reading among teens

Elise Dudley

December 18, 2018

Communication today comes in clips. We find ourselves increasingly surrounded by quick status updates, never-ending newsfeeds, and ten-seconds-or-less Snapchat photo messages. The society we live in thrives on information that ...

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