Spirit Healing Holistic Center, local Unionville small business

Riley Farmer, Staff Writer

Spirit Healing Holistic Center, a local crystal shop, massage therapy center, and sound healing specialist located in Unionville originally opened in 2019 and has recently been gaining more popularity. The shop has a variety of crystals and jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and crystal carvings. 

Back in August of 2019, the shop opened up as a massage therapy center. After the original COVID-19 lockdown, it re-opened as a crystal shop in August 2020. 

As a massage therapist, I had a small crystal collection for some of my customers, but it wasn’t until a year later after Corona that I actually decided I want to go just into crystals, I want this to be my specialty,” owner David Kramer said. 

In today’s society, dominated by large corporations, starting a small business is difficult, however, to Kramer it was rewarding. Although it was hard, it helped that he had some guidance, as his parents are entrepreneurs and own the mini golf place next door.

Crystals are said to emit positive vibrations that help people to achieve a more peaceful state of mind and being. Many people use crystals with meditation to help relieve stress and provide a sense of grounding, while some believe they possess healing powers that can cure illnesses. A common belief is that crystals have a unique vibration that can re-direct energy flow, leaving the body more relaxed and healthy than before. 

“Crystals are half metaphysical electromagnetic fields, and half placebo effect believing that crystals work…because I believe it by holding a crystal and telling myself I believe it, it becomes true. We are co-creators of our universe, we can manifest to control and change the universe into the universe that we see in our minds,” Kramer said. 

In the science world, there is almost no evidence that supports crystals healing claims, but the crystals still may have a slight effect on energy levels. Some study results show that when given fake crystals, people still report changes in their feelings, which shows evidence of the placebo effect that Kramer spoke of earlier (Healthline).

Spirit Healing is located at 218 River road in Unionville. To get more information, follow the shop on Instagram at spirithealingct, visit their website at spirithealingct.com, and go visit the shop in person to learn more and ask questions.