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Netflix Hidden Gems: Chef’s Table combines artistry, dramatic storytelling

Chris DiLullo, Managing Editor

June 2, 2018

One thing I never would have thought to say is that food is underrated, yet if there’s anything that is demonstrative of this phrase, it’s Netflix’s underappreciated chef-based series Chef’s Table. With the most recent season rel...

Netflix Hidden Gems: The Imitation Game is one of the decade’s most overlooked

Chris DiLullo, Managing Editor

April 4, 2018

World War II is one of the most popular time periods in modern history to be portrayed on film, from Saving Private Ryan and the events of D-Day to Schindler’s List and the horrific suffering of the Holocaust. However, 2014’s ...

Netflix Hidden Gems: The beauty of Netflix’s Black Mirror

Chris DiLullo, Managing Editor

February 5, 2018

Technology is vital to today’s interconnected world. With Snapchat, FaceTime, iPhones, and more, society has never been more and less connected with each other simultaneously. Thus, this paradox of human connection poses the i...

Netflix Hidden Gems: Hot Fuzz and the clever action-comedy

Chris DiLullo, Managing Editor

December 19, 2017

2007’s Hot Fuzz is quite possibly one of the most overlooked films of the past decade. Starring Simon Pegg, known as Scotty in the Star Trek franchise, and British comedian Nick Frost, the movie is directed by Edgar Wright, ...

Sing Street is a beautiful coming-of-age story with a music-based core

Chris DiLullo, Managing Editor

October 24, 2017

Sing Street was one of 2016’s top movies, yet went mostly unnoticed by the general public. A British movie about teenage boys forming a rock band in order to impress their lead singer’s crush, it’s moving, funny and ult...

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