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2019-2020 Staff

Ricky Podgorski

Managing Editor

Ricky Podgorski is a junior and a second-year journalism student. Ricky is part of the high school basketball team and helped to make school history by bringing home Farmington boys basketball's first state championship last year....

Sydney Bigelow

Copy & Design Chief

Frank Fishman

Sports Editor

Frank is a senior and a second-year journalism student. He enjoys writing for the sports section, and in addition to writing for The Voice, Frank is an active member of student council, theater program, and an avid FHS sports f...

Khrystyna Stets

Broadcast Coordinator

Khrystyna is a junior and a second-year journalism student. She is part of the high school volleyball team and dances outside of school. She enjoys writing for the Arts & Entertainment section of the newspaper. This year,...

Hollis Tharpe

Opinions Editor

Hollis is a second-year journalism student and a junior. He is part of the boys' volleyball and swimming and diving team at the high school. He is open to writing for all aspects of the newspaper.

Vijay Venkatesan

Staff Writer

Michael Gregory

Staff Writer

Nathon Anthony

Staff Writer

Sophia Bottalico

Staff Writer

Sophia is a first-year journalism student and a 9:05 sports anchor. Talented and kind, she is an appreciated, valuable member to the staff.

Donovan Banks

Staff Writer

Donovan is a first-year journalism student. She's kind and a hard-working member of our staff. She loves to paint as much as she loves to write and enjoys exploring various creative outlets.

Maddie Muszynski

Staff Writer

Maddie is a second-year journalist. She is known for her creative writing skills and broadcast pieces.

MJ Martinez


MJ Martinez is the advisor for The Voice and has been working with Farmington reporters for seven years. Formerly a writer and editor on her own journalism staff, Martinez is dedicated to upholding and celebrating journalism ethics...

Lily Mastrobattista

Features Editor

Victoria Wilczak

Photography and Media Editor

Cullen Laberge

Advertising Manager

Cullen is a second-year student. He is best known for his broadcast pieces including his latest segment: "Whatcha Eatin'?" As the water boy for the junior varsity boys soccer team, he is known for his pep talks and words of advice.

Hanny Wolkoff


Hanny is a fourth-year journalism student, a senior, and this year's Editor-in-Chief. If she isn't in the journalism room working on the newspaper, she can usually be found on the field practicing for the next big game.

Matt Arena

Social Media Manager

Matthew is a second-year journalism student and one of this year's Social Media Manager, having been promoted from Sports Editor. He is part of the co-op hockey team and the high school lacrosse team. Matt is also part of the...

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