Foreman retires, continues to help produce the 9:05 News


Sydney Bigelow

Lights, camera, action– Evan Foreman sits in ‘The Edge’, the main room used for filming the 9:05 News. At the end of September, Foreman stepped down as the director of Audio Visual programs.

Sydney Bigelow, Managing Editor

Ending a 39 year long career at the high school, director of Audio Visual (AV) Evan Foreman officially entered retirement on September 30. Foreman plans to enjoy his retirement while continuing to help with AV in the community, including the production of the 9:05 News. 

“I’ve had an opportunity to work side by side with some genuinely talented young people, many of whom are now in careers that were first ignited when they were working in my program. We learned a lot, had some laughs, and did some good, solid work on the behalf of our school,” Foreman said. 

As director of AV, Foreman worked with students interested in AV to work on lighting and sound for school events such as musicals and concerts, producing videos, and filming important events when asked by administration. The AV course is a hands-on curriculum allowing students to earn class credit while working in a unique learning environment with Foreman’s guidance and support. 

“Mr. Foreman is the kindest, smartest, and most caring man I know. He is an exceptional teacher and adviser. He made the AV room a space for us to be ourselves, and accepted us unconditionally. Everyday he inspired me to be more driven and motivated, and he has taught me lessons that I will take with me throughout the rest of my life. Mr. Foreman was not only a brilliant Audio Visual adviser to us, he was a friend,” junior AV student Lauren Frank said. 

One of Foreman’s main duties has been the production of the 9:05 News which is broadcasted school-wide every Friday. Foreman and the AV students use various editing platforms to create graphics, monitor visuals and sound, and run the complex news program. The AV program works hand in hand with The Voice and the Journalism department on the production of the 9:05 News, helping student broadcast journalists with filming, editing, and airing on the news. 

“The news program has completely changed since the 9:05 News and The Voice joined hands. While we have our own distinct brand names, the two sister outlets have very much become one collective entity that serves the Farmington community. Our reach has expanded so much through this collaboration, and I can’t imagine a time where we won’t be working together so closely. Aside from all the journalistic benefits of this collaboration, the reporters and I are simply better people having worked with Foreman. I am a better teacher, adviser, and person because of watching how he leads with empathy and integrity,” Journalism advisor MJ Martinez said. 

Although Foreman is looking forward to a long awaited retirement, he will continue to help out with the production of the 9:05 News. For the foreseeable future he will come into the building once a week for a few hours to work with students and faculty in the AV and Journalism departments so that the 9:05 News can continue to air successfully.