Spirit Week celebrations continue at high school


Sydney Bigelow

USA pride, school spirit — Seniors Joey Guglielmo and Ricky Podgorski find a flag to match their red, white, and blue apparel. “USA day” was celebrated as part of this years spirit week.

Jake Schaedler, Staff Writer

On Monday, October 5, Student Activities and the student council announced the start of the fall spirit week. Although only Cohort A were in person, all virtual students were encouraged to participate.

“It definitely looked and felt different, but it’s important to come together to show our school spirit especially in 2020,” senior Jamie Porter said.

Each student council picked a day for the week, made a flyer, and helped to promote the event.

Spirit Week kicked off with Monochrome Monday; students and staff were encouraged to wear all one color. Tuesday was Beach Day; students and staff

dressed in their favorite beach at-
tire to celebrate a day at the beach.

Following it up on Wednesday was Meme Day. Students and staff were encouraged to get creative and dress up as their favorite internet meme. On Thursday, it was time to represent the USA. Everyone dressed in the Stars and Stripes or wore red, white, and blue. Finally, to wrap up Spirit Week on Friday it was class colors. Students wore different colors depending on their class. Seniors wore black; juniors wore blue; sophomores wore white; and freshmen wore red.

“Spirit day traditions are an essential aspect to any school, but Farmington High specifically. It brings students and faculty together and allows each and every person to interact in a fun and creative way. It also adds a little fun to the normalcy of school,” senior Class President Ricky Podgorski said.