Country music, how’s it different?

Hazel Hill, Staff Writer

All genres of music are different. The differences of characteristics are what make up individual genres. All genres have things that they are known for.

Anyone can tell you that country songs typically include some type of truck and a love story, but avid lovers of country see that the messages are deeper than just that. Country music is different from other music genres because it tells a story and gives a message. Classical music is authentic with pianos and other instruments without the new age electronic sounds. Music is something that can connect people with one another and connects us with emotions and feelings. Country is authentic, typically with an acoustic or electric guitar, which requires hands on talent, real music and sounds just like our voices.

One of the lessons taught in some country songs are about patriotism, such as the songs “American Kids” by Kenny Chesney and “The Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” by Toby Keith. People love country music for the authentic timbre of the music and it’s respect and love for our earth and country. Country music is known to be cowboy music which explains how it strings to be about bonfires, trucks and fishing.

A lot of other country is about love. Songs can talk about the hardships getting too and the rewards of finding your one. Some of my personal favorites that speak to me are “Love Ain’t” by the Eli Young Band and “Teenage Heart” by Lady Antebellum. I love the authenticity of it, of every word and the pureness. Country music is about raw emotion and not trying to write what you think people want to hear. Country is what people want to hear and don’t want too as well as what some need to hear. It is honest.

I love country music because I connect to it. In order to love and feel attached to a genre or song you need connection without connection it isn’t going to hit you. Every genre talks about emotions around similar issues. However, they all express them in their unique individual ways. Country music is a genre that can connect to certain people’s feelings and experiences. Music can reach the heart of all. You just have to find the genre or genres that speak your language.