Living your life to the fullest with a healthy lifestyle

Khrystyna Stets, Broadcasting Coordinator

Life is precious, and living it to its fullest is vitally important. However, to do that, one must maintain their health. Living a healthy lifestyle extends to not only one’s life but also rejuvenates your body and mind; it will help you to feel better. Even though a healthy habit is hard to develop, focusing on a goal and a changing one’s mindset can help someone maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may help one not just exist in their day-to-day life but rather live it.

There are many ways to describe a healthy lifestyle precisely; however, Harvard Health Publishing defined healthy habits as a healthy diet, a healthy physical activity level, a healthy body weight, not smoking, and moderate alcohol intake. Doctor Monique Tello led a study analyzing over 120,000 participants, and her conclusions seem to hold drastic results. People who held criteria for the five healthy habits listed above lived longer lives than those who hadn’t met any criteria. Women lived for 14 years longer, and men lived for 12 years longer.

A healthy lifestyle has many benefits like boosting energy, improving longevity, preventing disease, improving mood, and managing weight. These are issues some people might be facing in our current time, yet some people may turn to solutions to fix the outside problem rather than analyzing their everyday habits.

Developing positive health habits is easier said than done. However, starting slowly is one of the best tips to consider when entering this lifestyle. Changing just one thing at a time can allow you to make small changes
in your daily routine to better suit a long-term goal of positive health. Being flexible and understanding yourself is also essential because no one is perfect, and it’s okay to have hiccups during this change of lifestyle. Giving yourself a break for not meeting the expectations upheld in a lifestyle here and there is entirely okay. You are more likely to adapt to a healthier lifestyle if you give yourself room to gradually get there. Increasing or adding even one new health behavior can already make a big difference to your health.

Choosing a healthier lifestyle can do plenty of good for one’s health. It can help you fight stress, be more alert, and live a longer life, resulting in a better-lived life. By starting to make smarter choices, you see that your life will improve and help you live your life to the fullest. The choices that you make will benefit you in the long-run.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are clear as are the downsides of an unhealthy lifestyle, but the choice is simple, and it’s yours.