Snapple rebrand shocks consumers, moving in the wrong direction

Iced Tea is an American classic, a drink nearly all enjoy. Brands like Arizona, Brisk, and Pure Leaf have dominated the tea industry for years. A fan favorite of the bunch is Snapple. Snapple is one of the most iconic and popular choices for iced tea. The classic glass bottle matched with the notable logo and of course the fun fact under the cap was an enjoyable experience for all consumers. Until recently, where the new rebranded bottle is turning away Snapple enthusiasts.

The first major change for Snapple was the bottle. Towards the end of 2018, Snapple began to switch from their iconic glass bottle to a plastic bottle. The switch to plastic was for sales purposes and to use a new recycled material.

The glass bottle was the ultimate beverage vessel for Snapple. The new plastic bottles are nowhere near the same effect. Although the plastic bottles are made entirely out of recycled plastic, it’s no match for the glass bottle. The plastic bottles are curvy and are surrounded by a trendy labeling. A vintage and exemplary Iced Tea establishment like Snapple, has no need to transition to a trendy and up to date branding. Snapple has made a name for itself as the company with the wicked good Iced Tea in a glass bottle with a fun fact on the cap, not a mainstream beverage company.

Another notable change Snapple completed was with the logo. Snapple had a notorious font, a notable and respectable look. This classic logo was the staple of the brand for years. With the new rebrand, the new logo features a slightly changed font and logo. Its subtle difference is what makes the rebrand sickening.

Aside from the new bottle and logo, Snapple is still “Made from the Best Stuff on Earth.” The rebranding hasn’t yet affected the actual tea and is still a delicious drink. But there is something about drinking an iced cold Snapple out of a glass bottle that makes us want more.

The recent Snapple rebrand is subtle, and many will ignore it, but for Snapple enthusiasts it’s hard to look at the brand the same. The drink may taste the same, but the new design cannot be overlooked.