TBS’s Conan is the late night show you should be watching


Team Coco — Late Night with Conan O’Brien airs nightly on TBS, you can see Conan and his guests participate in interviews, sketches and remotes.

John Guerrera, News Editor

For decades, late night television has been a staple in homes across the nation. With the growing reliance on technology for entertainment, the race for the leading late night show has grown into a national debate. Late night titans such as The Tonight Show, Late Night, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Conan look to hold their reputation as some of the nation’s most popular late night entertainment. In their way stand the up and coming of late night television: Last Week Tonight, The Late Late Show, and The Daily Show these productions headline the products created in the event of the most recent technological revolution.

While the majority of would be quick to jump towards one of the more “mainstream” late night programs, there is no reason to overlook the smaller less popularized shows, often times it is these programs that create the most original content that can captivate both the existing and new audience.

The Late Late Shows original segment “Carpool Karaoke” has captivated the newest generation by featuring today’s biggest music starts helping host (James Corden) get to work, while singing some tunes along the way. Segments and interviews that allow the audience to create relationships with their favorite celebrities is the factor that constitutes a successful and popular late night show.

Personally The Conan O’Brien Show creates the best atmosphere that allows an audience-celebrity connection to be made, while also including various types of humor. Additionally Conan is one of the few hosts that is willing to sacrifice his dignity for the sake of his humor. In addition to his late night show Conan has created a sub brand named “Team Coco” this branch of the Conan O’Brien Show creates different types of content on different platforms. On the shows YouTube channel (Team Coco) the show posts bits from last nights show and footage from pre recorded shows, stand up, remotes, and YouTube original content. The “Team Coco” YouTube channel is for the comedy lover that is looking to find the best of Conan’s funniest moments. For the viewer that is looking to enjoy a more formal and informational side of Conan, the “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” podcast was recently named to Apple Podcasts 2019 favorites list. The hugely popular podcast sees Conan go in depth with today’s biggest stars from all different disciplines, to find more about their life away from the public. The trio of productions that the “Conan” show creates is extremely productive in providing all needs for the late night viewer, and it is sure to make you laugh as well.

Where the other late night shows falter is their inability to provide a balanced product that would cater to the largest audience. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon does receive some of the highest ratings out of all of network TV, but its lack of depth and connection with the guests make for a show filled with games and unnecessary laughing. Some of the smaller late night productions such as Last Week Tonight and The Daily Show can be too politically focused and seem more like a news broadcast. Additionally, both shows do not invite guests, so they can not compete against a traditional talk show.

Overall, the product produced by Conan O’Brien satisfies all needs for a successful late night television show and creates an equal balance of infirmity and humor. Combine a well produced show with additional outlets of content for the avid fan and the Conan product can call itself the “king of late night