Career Center supports students with college information

Sydney Bigelow, Copy & Design Chief

Throughout the months of September, October, and November, the Career Center has hosted numerous representatives from colleges across the country. The visits allows students who plan on pursuing a postsecondary education to access crucial information regarding the schools in a convenient way.

The visits began in September and will continue to occur four to five days a week in the months of October and November. The visits take place during all lunch waves.

With representatives available at their high school, students are able to ask questions and receive information about applications, tuition, and programs of studies. Juniors and seniors planning on attending college or university are able to get the help they need without traveling, spending money, or planning multiple campus visits.

“It’s a chance for students to meet with representatives from the school and hear from them first hand for what they’re looking for. It gives students information about clubs, activities, and financial aid. It gives them an insight about what it’s like to be a student there,” counselor and College Representative Visit Coordinator Ryan Olander said.

Students who plan to attend a visit should complete background research on the college visiting. Although the representatives will give detailed information, a background knowledge helps form meaningful questions.

“I would definitely recommend going to the visits for colleges you’re applying to. From the visit, I could tell whether or not I would fit in, helped me to look at my list and knock off schools I didn’t like, as well as discovering my current favorites,” senior Karen Ru said.

Often times, the first person from an admissions office to read an application is the representative who visited the high school. The visits are an opportunity to meet with that person and leave a meaningful impression. Students can sign up for college visits through their Naviance accounts.