Fundamentals of Automotive Technology provides students with hands on experience


Courtesy of James Corrigan

All torqued to spec — Sophomore Luke Watson works on a rear drum brake on a teach- er’s car during class. Students in the class learn the fundamentals of automotives.

Jameson Lynch, Staff Writer

Fundamentals of Automotive Technology exposes interests that students share through a year long curriculum of learning how to do simple maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and even simple problem solving and diagnostics like an exhaust leak or a check engine light. Students also learn the sheer mechanics of smaller internal combustion engines such as leaf blowers and even the fundamentals of hydraulics and pneumatics.

Throughout the year however, there are many small projects that come through and the majority of them are cars that need to be fixed or maintanenced on. Most of these cars of Farmington High School teachers.

“Students are not required to have any experience at all in order to take this course. The course is designed to guide students of every ability and level of understanding to succeed,” Fundamentals of Automotive Technology James Corrigan said.

Students involved in the class find it to be helpful life experience as well as intriguinging content.

“The best part about Fundamentals of Automotive Technology is definitely always being hands-on. We are never stuck in the classroom writing papers or working on assignments” sophomore student Luke Watson said.

“Even if you don’t see yourself having a career in automotive work, your common sense and working with simple tools is greatly increased. The class is one of my favorite courses and I 100% recommend it.” Watson said.

Watson also noted that its difference from a regular class is special and something that he looks forward to. Most of the hands on work in the class is in fact vehicles from teachers and or students.

“If you are interested in having your vehicle serviced or repaired please email me at [email protected] I will look at the schedule and sign you up for a day to bring your vehicle. You only pay for the parts used, not the labor,” Corrigan said.

The course is a win-win situation as students get hands on experience with vehicles and users get their cars serviced. Fundamentals of Automotive Technology is a well rounded course that combines
experience and creativity. The course is like no other and is a huge help to students looking to pursue an automotive career.

For more information on the course, or if you would like to get your car serviced, contact James Corrigan at [email protected]