Leahy holds backyard intramurals after school

Nathon Anthony, Staff Writer

Health and wellness teacher Ryan Leahy held backyard intramurals for anyone who wanted to join. The activities were held on October 10, 17, and 24. To join, students met in the small gym after school
and played activities such as Spike ball, Kan Jam, and Bocce but students could also bring their own equipment and play their own sports. All students were welcomed to come to the program.
This activity was for students who wanted to go outside and look for something to do. This was also an
opportunity for anyone that wanted to meet and connect with others and make friends.
“A student might want to join the intramural program for a number of reasons.
There are a lot of different intramurals offered throughout the year which, in my opinion, is pretty unique for a high school to have such an extensive program. It’s also a great time to meet others who share similar interests or are just looking for something else to do that is active outside of the school day,” Leahy said.
These intramurals were drop in meaning that any student who wanted to join could meet in the small gym
at 2:30 p.m. Due to the good weather, the students went outside to play cornhole for the first day.
“Anyone can join at any time, meaning you can just swing in whenever you would like. With that being said, try to be on time for that specific intramural. Students can also email or talk to the teacher who is running the program for specific times and places. For backyard games, the plan is to get outside, weather permitting. If the weather does not cooperate, we will find a place inside somewhere that can accommodate to the games. We will meet in the small gym and then move to another area from there,” Leahy said.
Sophomore Aidan Wallace was very excited to be apart of the program and was happy to participate in such an inclusive program.
“The program appealed to me because it’s free, easy to join and accessible to all students. I like that it gives students a way to participate in sports without being on a team” Wallace said.
Wallace also speaks on the community impact the program has and how it affects the students here.
“I think this will be good for the community because it gives all students a chance to be a part of something and join an activity and meet new people,” Wallace said.
If any students would like any more information please contact Leahy at [email protected]