Social Justice Week is more important than ever

Pei Chao Zhuo, Media and Photography Editor

We live in trying times. According to the FBI, hate crimes have been on the rise in recent years. Additionally, a lot of the rhetoric and actions of the current Presidential administration have been deeply intolerant. It has separated immigrant children from their parents at the southern border and attempted to impose a ban on immigration from several nations with Muslim majorities.

This is why Social Justice Week is more necessary than ever. As a school, we need to be conscious of the issues facing groups that have suffered because of prejudice. We need to be reminded of our obligation to create an inclusive society where hate and discrimination will not be tolerated. We need to realize that many of us have lived privileged lives and there are countless people across this country and the world who are far less fortunate.

In the current political climate, there exist vocal and powerful people who are normalizing racism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia. We need to resist these peddlers of prejudice and hatred.     

Social Justice Week helps us combat the forces of intolerance by providing an avenue for learning about societal issues. Even though some students may not agree with some of the perspectives presented at the Social Justice Week, the presentations can be a way to promote thought, discussion, and growth, which are more important than ever in this era of polarization and divisiveness.

In addition to offering educational opportunities, Social Justice Week is a symbol of students’ commitment to the betterment of our society. Those who took the time to respectively participated in a presentation during Social Justice Week exemplify how teenagers can help improve society.

Social Justice Week needs to continue into the future because a generation of young people who can change the trajectory of our politics and discourse for the better is sorely needed. Furthermore, it is vitally important that those who are passionate about promoting equity within our society actively participate in future Social Justice Weeks since the events of the past few years have shown us that progress is neither constant nor guaranteed.