Teacher Feature: Patrick Mulcahy

Teacher Feature: Patrick Mulcahy

Nick Kruszniewski, Staff Writer

What made you want to become a teacher?

No idea. I must have been crazy. In all seriousness, I became a teacher because I had some awesome teachers growing up and because I love seeing students develop skills and confidence in disciplines they think that they are “bad” at. Additionally, teachers also have the privilege to work with students in clubs or teams outside of school. It is amazing to see the interests and abilities of students beyond the four walls of the classroom.

What is your favorite part of being a teacher here?

There are many reasons I feel fortunate to teach in Farmington, but the number one reason is the students. Yes, sometimes they drive me insane, but overall the students in Farmington are genuinely good kids with kind hearts, and that’s why I keep showing up every day. Another reason I love being in Farmington is because I get to work with some of the greatest people. The teachers at FHS are intelligent, compassionate, humorous, and fun. What else could you ask for in your colleagues?

What college did you attend?

I went to UConn for both of my Bachelor’s degrees and my Master’s.

If you could be anything other than a teacher, what would it be?

While I’m definitely not good enough, I would love to be a professional golfer. Those guys get to travel all around to the world to beautiful places and make a ton of money if they play well. If not a golfer, I’d maybe work at a college in the admissions department or as a coordinator for intramural sports. I suppose I could work at a history museum too.

What is one thing students don’t know about you?

I have two nieces that are 13 and 11. They are WAY smarter than me.