Grzywinski takes next step in golf career


Tee up– Senior Mia Grzywinski watches as the golf ball sails toward the hole. Gryzwinski has commited to play for Quinnipiac Univeristy’s Division I golf program.

Matthew Arena, Sports Editor

For Senior Mia Grzywinski, playing in college was the ultimate goal for her golf career, and her dreams are turning into reality when she committed to play Division I golf at Quinnipiac University.

Although she started playing at age the 13, which was years after most of her competition, Grzywinski has excelled for both the high school team and the Junior Professional Golf Association. She credits a lot of her success to coaches Suzy and Bill Whaley.
“[They] are the reason I am where I am today. They are the ones who helped me to enjoy and love golf, and that passion that they sparked is what has driven me to achieve my goal of playing Division I,” Grzywinski said.

For some golfers, they have struggles overcoming the mental part of the game. Forgetting about the last shot and focusing on the one coming up, however what makes Mia so successful is her mental game, according to varsity girls coach Russ Crist.

“She is one of, if not the most, mature and mentally strong athletes I have ever coached, in any sport. She does not let things that are out of her control faze her; she does not let the course, the conditions, or her opponent impact her preparation or focus on the match at hand,” Crist said.

With the goal in mind to play Division I golf, Mia wanted to make sure the school she was committing to didn’t just offer golf but also gave her the opportunity to succeed as a hardworking student. She looked into more than just golf, as she desires to be part of the science program at the school.

“I want Mia to thoroughly enjoy the college experience as a member of the golf team and as a student. Experience in DI athletics and a degree in the STEM field will serve her well in the future,” mother Lauren Grzywinski said.

Although she has reached an unforgettable milestone already, Grzywinski has high expectations for this year and beyond. In the upcoming tournaments she has left before the season ends, she hopes to shoot some of her lowest scores of 2018. In the future, she hopes to carry the Quinnipiac golf program to success.