Homecoming dance encourages school spirit


Elise Dudley

Homecoming Fun– Senior John Ruot and Junior Carolyn Ives enjoy the festivities at the homecoming dance. The even took place on Saturday, September 29.

Elise Dudley

The annual homecoming dance gave students an opportunity to mingle with people from different grades, and participate in an evening of socializing on the dance floor. The dance took place in the old gym on Saturday, September 29, after the homecoming football game versus Bristol Eastern.

The gym was decorated with silver and gold adornments, and different colored lights, with an entrance of metallic gold tassels. Students danced to songs like Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, Gucci Gang by Lil Pump, and Mr. Brightside by The Killers. Students also took photos at the photobooth, brought by Art Rich Photography.

“The song selection was really great this year, it’s fun to dance to songs that everyone knows, it makes the dance feel like a big bonding event when everyone is singing along to the music,” sophomore Karla DeRosa said.

Although in the past the dance has been held at the Community Center, last years dance was moved back to the high school. Continuing with the new tradition, this years executive council also voted to host the dance in the small gym.

“This familiar venue creates a more school-oriented feel to the homecoming dance and is a great way for students to keep making awesome memories at FHS,”  Executive President Kieran Mangla said.

Some changes were made to the set up to the dance this year, including more space for dancing, and tables inside and outside of the small gym.

“I really like the changes the council has made to the dance venue, I’m able to take a seat outside [of the gym] if I need a breather or feel overwhelmed, and the decorations have gotten progressively better each year that I’ve come,” senior Kiersten Brown said.

In years prior, students would vote for a prince and a princess for each class, and a king and queen for the senior class leading up to the event. This year, each grades council nominated a boy and a girl from their grade who they believed were the “most spirited” in their class. Winners were announced at the pep-rally, which took place on Friday, September 28.

“We wanted to recognize those who demonstrated the most school spirit this year because that is the point of Pep Rally- coming together as a school community to support all sports teams as One Team, One Tribe,” Mangla said.

The venue of next years dance is unknown, however Mangla noted that the small gym will likely by the venue for the dance for the foreseeable future, though it is subject to change with the next administration.