Communication in the digital age is not what it used to be

Staff Editorial

Technology in the digital age evolves and adapts every day, with more and more virtual forms of communication constantly being created and introduced. The norms of communication and socialization have drastically changed in the past decade, stunting interactions and social skills among all people. Socializing is a widely accepted important aspect of life, that humans are losing sight of in a world filled with screens, apps, and one-click transactions. With the additional presence of a global pandemic and thus isolation, it is extremely important to make an extra effort to re-connect with and strengthen your social life and your social skills.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more allow people to meet new people, communicate, build relationships, and express themselves all without any true, face-to-face socialization. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. allow people to form intimate, romantic relationships, and plan dates with complete strangers. Apps like Yelp allow people to leave the rudest or kindest of comments about real people, businesses, and more without having to face the subjects of their comments and without having to own up to their opinionated comments. All these apps and websites are examples of socializing without truly communicating.

Even when people are in public, few social interactions occur. On the subway, many make a point to wear earbuds so that strangers know not to make conversation. At restaurants, customers can order, pay, and tip all through the scan of a barcode. This lack of desire to communicate with new people has proven to be linked with depression, anxiety, and loneliness. People are ultimately being negatively affected by the lack of communication they experience. 

All norms of common courtesy have been destroyed, as people often skip the step of a common greeting or any polite small talk. It is completely okay for two people to sit on a bus or in a waiting room for long periods of time and not say anything. anything. It is deemed “normal” for two people to build a strong relationship and have meaningful conversations virtually, while never meeting in real life. As with any skill, when people lack sufficient socialization for a long time they will lose abilities and skills to easily converse. 

The combination of modern technology and the pandemic has truly caused so many people to lack good communication throughout their day-to-day lives. Everyone has accepted and thinks that it is okay to go about life without socializing and forming connections with others. If this continues for years to come, people will become completely isolated and lonely very soon. Communication and conversation is one of the most basic aspects of life that people can not remove without serious negative impacts on social skills, mental health, social issues, and more.