The current bathroom policy needs improvement


See something, say something — Security guard Dave Sollazzo observes from the 600’s hallway. Security guards do regular checks in school bathrooms for vandalism.

Staff Editiorial

Since the school has transitioned back into in-person learning August of 2020, a lot of new rules have been adopt-
ed to try and curb COVID-19. Some being small and simple, while others, like the bathroom prohibitions, have become a hassle and redundant in procedure.

Last school year during hybrid learning, the first round of bathroom rules came into play. Bathrooms with a small capacity were closed, the bathrooms that remained were open only during class, entrance required a hall pass , and it was mandatory to scan the QR code before entering the bathroom. These rules have caused problems and discomfort amongst both students and staff, with not much resolve.

Some teachers felt the bathroom system was disruptive, unfair, and tedious. Students since kindergarten have been trusted to walk themselves to a bathroom, constantly writing passes, therefore, was unnecessary and created a  disruption since the bathrooms were only open during class time. This means that the teachers would often stop their lesson to write passes and students would lose curriculum time. Students have voiced similar grievances.

The most recent change being a new restriction: backpacks. Students aren’t allowed to bring their backpack into the school bathroom, causing many, especially people who menstruate to feel uncomfort-
able. If it is their menstrual cycle, for some, it is embarrassing to have to take out feminine products from your backpack in front of the bathroom line, especially with other peers around.

Most rules have stayed the same, some have tried to be altered to make it easier but in reality didn’t help to fix much. Now more people are allowed in the bathroom, so lines are now shorter, but because of lack of monitors most bath- rooms, even with the met capacity, are closed which force traveling longer distances and waste more valuable class time. Administration has now given teachers laminated passes so teachers don’t have to individually write passes when students need to leave, but new issues come with this “fix”.

Overall, it is very clear that the way the current bathroom situation is is unacceptable. If students and teachers are to feel less restricted, looser regulations should be adopted. It would benefit class time while reducing hassle and
discomfort among teachers, staff and students.