Do not let go of your humanity for the sake of politics

Staff Editorial

The United States democracy encourages people of all backgrounds to express an interest in politics and share their beliefs whether they are supporting the government or disagreeing with it. It has become increasingly more common to find that people value their political beliefs over others well being. Immature and immoral comments have no place in a political environment, and holding on to political beliefs is not worth giving up morals. 

There are many people who strongly dislike President Donald Trump, and his policies are some of the most controversial in U.S. history. Some of his insensitive words and questionable executive orders have raised anger throughout the country, and every citizen is entitled to their own opinion, even if that means a strong hatred for the President. However, wishing death upon any human being is inhumane, politicians included.

Since the beginning of his presidency, people who disagree with him have spoken publicly about threatening to shoot him and wishing him harm. When his brother Robert Trump passed away, people online used it as an opportunity to state that they wished President Trump would die. When Trump tested positive with the COVID-19 virus, people hoped that he would suffer and die from the virus. 

 The issue of ignoring humanity for political beliefs is a problem throughout our entire country and is not limited to one political party. Trump’s opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, has come forward about a speech problem he has and admitted to struggling with stuttering. Despite him admitting this, many Trump supporters have felt the need to make fun of Biden’s delayed speech or sentences that do not make sense. These people do not gain anything from making fun of a cognitive disorder that has already affected Biden. Their comments are rude and unnecessary, and certainly have no place in politics.  

Inhumane comments and actions are directed towards regular people along with political officials, once again coming from supporters of both candidates and many political parties. Online, people face hate for putting out their beliefs, especially on platforms such as TikTok and Twitter. There are countless incidents of people threatening to harm another person that they disagree with politically, and have even released personal information such as addresses or names of schools. 

Outside of the internet, people have experienced violent actions for showing their support of a political party or candidate. People have refrained from putting a “Biden 2020” sticker on their car or a “Trump 2020” sign in their yard in fear of receiving hate for their political views. In work places, employees have lied about their political affiliation or avoided the topic in order to protect their reputation. You should be respected because of who you are as a person and how you treat others, not having to worry about what people think of your political views, as long as the views are not harmful to others. 

This aspect of politics is unnecessary and immature, and has become too normalized in our society. It is important to respect others opinions in order to have educated conversations and make progress to improve our country. We should not automatically judge someone based on their political views, and we should definitely not take action negatively against them. Unfortunately there are still people in the world who have extremely offensive political beliefs, but assuming that every person with an opposing belief to yours is against you is inaccurate and it is unacceptable to harm because of an assumption. 

The Constitution protects citizens freedom of speech, which includes speaking against the government and the President. Nobody is required to support a President or other political official that they don’t agree with politically, especially if they feel as though they disagree morally. We must all agree that disagreeing with someone and wishing them death are two very different things. Wishing someone suffering or pain is not changing their political beliefs, it is only damaging your internal values and morals.