What gifts to get for a friend or loved one with anxiety for the holidays

Donovan Banks, Staff Writer

A weighted blanket  Image result for weighted blanket
Weighted blankets help relieve stress or anxious feelings. Keeping a light weight on your body while lying down, compresses you further to the ground, (aka “grounding exercise,”) and sends you into a deep, calming, relaxation state. Image result for essential oils

Essential Oils / Aromatherapy Diffuser

Our sense of smell and emotions are closely linked; meaning, a calming scent can relax and destress from all the negative emotions within the body. 


 Image result for white noise machine

A White Noise Machine

White noise drowns out other distracting noise that may be preventing you from sleeping or focusing.  

Image result for adult coloring books

Mindfulness Stress relief Coloring book

Coloring is powerful enough to relax the “fight or flight”  center of the brain, the amygdala; inducing the relaxation state of mind.

 Image result for journal


Journaling is a great way to keep anxious thoughts in check. Try writing down your worries on a page, and just keep writing day after day; without going back and re-analyzing and overthinking. 

Image result for vintage box

A vintage box to write worried thoughts down and talk about them later

It can be hard to keep thoughts in your head, lingering long enough until you finally get a chance to tell someone about them; as each worried thought passes, write them down and let them go! 

Image result for yoga mat

Yoga mat 

For guided meditation or for individual use, practicing yoga exercises and deep breathing might be the best way to end any day; good or bad. 

Image result for colored stones
Worry Stones

Worry stones can be really helpful to feel and observe during an anxious or stressful moment; dive deeper into your five senses and focus on the edges, surface and size of your worry stone!