Getting through the winter blues

Donovan Banks, Staff Writer

Winter months are long and dragging. Finding things to do to get through the icy months can be hard to manage. Too cold to go anywhere, the cabin fever is creeping up to the peak.

That is why setting a schedule and having a self care routine are the best thing to do for your mental health for these winter months.

Set aside a time each and every day to have time to yourself to practice mindfulness. Whether you devote your time to reading, taking a walk in the outdoors, staying hydrated or diffusing essential oils; these are all useful that practice the art of mindfulness.

Keeping a calendar with written dates and times of when you could do all of these different activities can seem more manageable as well. Choose nutritious, warm foods to help give your body a boost of immunity that are beneficial with the cold and windy weather.

Give the mind and body a chance to tune into the senses and connect with music, instead of letting it get lost in thoughts. Close your eyes and actively track the songs as they pass.

The same goes when time feels like it goes by a mile a minute, and there just seems to be no time to eat mindfully and peacefully. Mindfully eating, perhaps the most fun way to practice mindfulness, helps slow down the process which is great for the digestive system.