After We Collided is filled with shallow tropes while offering escapist fun

Khrystyna Stets, Broadcasting Coordinator

The sequel to After, has finally been released in late 2020: After We Collided. Based on the After book series by Anna Todd, which was initially published as fan-fiction. After We Collided continues the love story established in After but amps up the drama even more than before. After We Collided is riddled with cliches and young adult tropes; the dramatic romance and laughable dialogue offer some escapist fun.

The movie starts up one month after the conclusion of After. Hardin Scott, who is played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin, and Tessa Young, who is played by Josephine Langford, are living post break-up. De- spite the cliffhanger in After, alluding to a possible reconciliation, the two are indeed still separated. As the plot thickens in the sequel, director Roger Kimbel intertwines varying storylines of both characters as individuals alongside their storyline as a couple.

Overall, the story is full of cliches. Certain lines of dialogue and scenes feel a little too trite in even fanfiction. Not to mention there are too many tropes, including a catfight between Tessa and one of the instigators of drama in After.

However, After We Collided does have one thing going very well for it: the chemistry between the two main characters. Kimbel ensures both characters develop individually but also develop their own relationship with each other. The development of each character was an aspect Kimbel nailed.

After We Collided is a film tailored to a specific audience. With developing romances and thickening plot, the movie is solid for what its intentions are. Even with some cliche and poorly written plot lines and dialogue, the movie is still a good watch.