Drama clubs plans to reboot among pandemic

Radhika Desai, Staff Writer

A year taken over by a wild pandemic has brought its abundance of challenges and adjustments. Students and teachers being no exception to the world wide adaptation of this new way of life.

As schools become different environments, Farmington High School is determined to create a space for its students to express themselves through theater. The high school drama club, like many other clubs, is improvising ways to come back with the strict COVID-19 guidelines.

The drama club is a place for students to learn more about their interests in acting, set building, costume design, directing, and so much more. Last year in September, the drama club began their preparation process for their first play of the year, Clue. They performed multiple shows afterwards during November weekends.

Shortly after in December, they began working on the musical Cinderella. COVID-19 put a halt in the production of the show however in April the club hosted a virtual show to cast to the entire school.

Even though the group did not get to present for a live audience, they still put their passion for the arts and hard work into the performance.

“Drama club students have always been passionate and collaborative; the dynamic of the program is inclusive and inviting.,” Drama club advisor Katie Seymour said.

This club has taught students how to communicate and operate well with others as a team. As for this year due to the current limitations they are not able to perform right now but nonetheless they are still working on constructing something special for this year. COVID-19 has halted an array of activities, but the drama club is finding ways to cope and produce some sort of performance for their devoted audiences.