Flipping out for Friends raises over 1,200 dollars for high school Friends program


FHS Activities

Champion — Senior Luke Watson (right) raises freshmen Keane Murphy’s (left) arm after he won the Flipping for Friends competition. The event took place to raise money for the high school friends program and was a huge success.

Shannon Maye, Editor-in-Chief

On August 31 the student council and their advisors worked together to host a bottle flipping competition during an extended Hawks Nest period to raise money for the Friends program. Students from each grade brought in loose change to contribute to the cause, amounting to 1,253.65 dollars raised.

The competition began in students’ Hawks Nest classroom where participants faced off to see who could land their bottle the quickest. Every time a person lost, they gave their change to the person who defeated them until eventually each class came out with one winner. All of the senior and junior winners then faced off in the large gym while the freshmen and sophomores competed in the small gym to determine one winner from each grade. Once all the students made their way into the large gym, the final round took place where freshman Keane Murphy was crowned champion.

Although the main purpose of the assembly was to run the competition, it was also seen as a great opportunity to have the entire school back together in the gym. This was the first full school assembly since fall of 2019 when the current senior class were only freshmen.

“I could not have been happier with how the event followed through, honestly. Not only did we raise over a thousand dollars for the friends program, but the energy of the school community at FHS that I felt in the middle of was surreal. We were able to raise so much money for our very own friends at FHS and also start the year off strong. The vibe in the gym as we cheered each other on was a great start to the school year and a fun break from classes. The relay race could not have been better either and overall I wouldn’t change a thing of how it went down. This is just one of many more events that the student council has in store for FHS this year, so be ready to bring that school spirit,” senior Executive President Anita George said.

The money the competition raised will specifically go to events and programs that are designed for the Friends room such as unified sports and unified art. The time student council members along with student activities director Chris Loomis amongst other faculty spent planning the event over the summer clearly paid off as the event was a success.