The Hallmark Channel is a staple for holiday season entertainment

Sydney Bigelow, Opinions Editor

The Hallmark Channel, owned by Crown Media Holdings, Inc., is an underrated network for holiday lovers or those looking for entertainment. Hallmark Channel movies are the ideal mix of classic romance and modern lifestyle. If you are looking for a different style of cinema to celebrate the holiday season, The Hallmark Channel is the perfect channel to enjoy all winter. 

The Hallmark Channel produces a variety of programs, but is most well known for its holiday movies and television shows. These movies are filmed with different settings and with different casts, however there are often recurring actors and actresses on the channel, like fan favorites Candace Cameron Bure, Jesse Metcalfe, and Danica McKellar. 

Additionally, the filming locations are a signature for the movies. The protagonist either moves to a big city from their small hometown, or vice versa, and visits their hometown after living in the city. The stories often take place in Vermont, Connecticut, or Maine, perfect for lovers of a ‘White Christmas’ and those who appreciate the beautiful New England autumn and winter. 

When you turn on the Hallmark channel searching for something to enjoy, you are almost guaranteed to find a good movie playing. With reruns going all the way back from the early 2000’s, and consistent producing of new content, the channel never fails to provide for viewers. Once you start watching, you just can’t peel your eyes away! 

 In more recent years, Hallmark has made attempts to provide content for viewers who celebrate Hanukkah. Hopefully as their network expands, Hallmark will continue to become more inclusive to all holidays, such as Kwanzaa and Chinese New Year. Hallmark has also a goal to represent interracial and LGBTQ+ couples. The more the merrier, and it is important that people of all cultures and backgrounds feel represented and appreciated in film, in this case holiday movies. 

Whether you celebrate Winter holidays or not, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the constant Christmas songs, holiday decorations, and nonstop talk of the holiday season. The movies on the Hallmark Channel cover much more than just stereotypical holiday romance. They feature lessons about family, friends, and often have exciting scenes with animals, sports, food, and more. However, I do have to admit that after the sixth movie of the night, the holiday cheer can be a bit overkill.

The movies are the perfect balance of entertaining and interesting without being too complex or difficult to follow. If you are looking for an easy watch for a laid back day, Hallmark will not require a lot of thinking and processing in order to understand the plot. At the same time, there is enough action and character development to keep viewers engaged for multiple hours. 

If you become a fan of the channel, the Hallmark magic is not limited to the month of December. Hallmark also displays movie marathons for Valentine’s Day, ‘June Weddings’, ‘Christmas in July’, and Autumn, featuring the foliage. Year round, Hallmark is a dependable network for lovers of romance and simple entertainment. 

 To put it simply, everyone needs the occasional movie day, especially on the long winter days during the holiday season. When you are holding onto a mug of hot chocolate and have your favorite pajamas on, there is no better time to watch one. Instead of scrolling through the holiday section on your cable and deciding which movie to rewatch for the tenth time, switch to The Hallmark Channel for guaranteed enjoyment.