Loomis, Foreman named Teacher and Staff Member of the Year, respectively


MJ Martinez

So much talent– Student Activities Director Chris Loomis (left) and Director of Audiovisual Evan Foreman (right) celebrate being awarded Teacher of the Year and Staff Member of the Year, respectively. Both have worked at the high school for over ten years.

John Guerrera, Sports Editor

On August 26, Superintendent Grieder and the Farmington Board of Education announced school counselor and Student Activities Director Chris Loomis and Director of Audio Visual Evan Foreman as Teacher and Staff Member of the Year, respectively. 

Student Activities Director Chris Loomis

Loomis has been a member of the high school community since 2010. For the majority of his career, he has served as a school counselor, he also added the role of Activities Director in 2019. Widely recognized for his kindness and dedication, Loomis approaches all interactions with students and families with a focus on relationships to ensure students know that they are deeply cared for and valued as unique and talented individuals. 

“Mr. Loomis takes the time to genuinely notice and care about the students in the FHS community. He is determined and committed to initiating change, and it’s contagious,” senior Mercy Adekola said.

Throughout his time at the high school, Loomis has established meaningful relationships with both his students and peers. His genuine excitement to help others succeed has influenced everyone who surrounds him.

Loomis was my intern 15 years ago to be exact. Even though I was supposed to be his mentor, he actually has taught me much more over the past 15 years than I’ve ever taught him. He goes above and beyond his role as a counselor and Student Activities Director,” school counselor Judi Gallinoto said.

Beyond his work as a counselor, Loomis takes the same attitude when acting as the Student Activities Director. Loomis works closely with all students to provide multiple diverse extracurricular opportunities. These opportunities further connect students to the high school community through student-run clubs, charitable works, and leadership opportunities.

Loomis works to make sure students can advocate for themselves, as well as influence the changes made to the high school.  His emphasis on equity and social justice make the high school a comfortable environment where students can express their thoughts and preferences. 

Loomis has helped develop and sustain a variety of safe spaces at FHS for students to learn about themselves and one another as they engage in critical dialogue here. He partners with students, families, community members, faculty and staff to ensure student success at Farmington High School,” Scott Hurwitz said. 

Throughout his career at the high school, Loomis values the relationships and experiences he shares with his students. Additionally, he extends his gratitude to his coworkers and the FHS community for helping him become who he is today. 

“Receiving this great honor is a reflection of FHS and the amazing people I work with each day. I view it as an award for all of us and the commitment we make each day as educators at FHS. Most importantly I attribute my success to the students I am fortunate to work with as well and without them I would not be where I am in my career,” Loomis said.

Director of Audiovisual Evan Foreman

Serving as the Director of Audiovisual at the high school since 1982, Mr. Foreman worked to create the award winning AV program at FHS. Frequently supporting opportunities for various student productions including the 9:05 News, Foreman is dedicated to achieving the highest level of audio and visual production.

“Foreman’s work ethic makes him such an important member of the FHS community. He is always willing to help both teachers and students with audiovisual work. He is dedicated to his craft and that level of attention rubs off on his students,” senior Richard Podgoriski said.

Foreman is a mentor and friend to all; he values students’ desire to improve in both the classroom and as individuals. The work he does demonstrates how much he cares about not only his students but the entirety of the high school community. 

“I have never met someone who lives with so much integrity and goodwill towards others. Mr. Foreman is the type of person who will help anyone out, expecting nothing in return and does so with a smile,” journalism teacher MJ Martinez said.

Additionally, Mr. Foreman understands the importance of every student feeling a strong belonging to the school community. He uses the production of media not only as a method of communication but also as an opportunity for his students to express themselves on a unique and creative platform.

“We strongly believe in developing a culture that supports ‘One School, One Community, One Us.’ Mr. Foreman acts this out on a daily basis. He places community first, and develops a culture of ‘us,’” Hurwitz said.

During his time at the high school, Foreman has had the opportunity to develop numerous initiatives that have made the high school a more connected and developed community. Throughout his 38 years of work, Foreman has found the one thing that consistently delivers him the same amount of genuine enjoyment: the opportunity to work with the FHS community. 

“I have many great memories, but they all have one thing in common, and that is that they all involve working with students. We’ve done some really innovative, meaningful work over the decades and had some great fun. It’s been a genuine honor to work with the staff and students here at FHS,” Foreman said.