Kahoot competition brings together hybrid school community


MJ Martinez

Ready to roll– Freshman Ivan Khrystenko participates in the first round of the Kahoot Competition. Each grade level participated in their Connect rooms in a first round.

Ricky Podgorski, Editor-in-Chief

Following the success of last year’s Rock, Paper, Scissors, schoolwide competition, the Connect team hosted a Kahoot Trivia Challenge. Taking place on September 8 in all Connect rooms, a final round was played with grade-level winners and a teacher winner where junior Abhi Yammanuru took the title.

“It feels pretty good to be honest. Never thought that I would win it,” Yammanuru said. 

Each Connect room hosted first round where one winner moved onto a grade-level round two. Freshman Thea Fleury, sophomore Thomas Keough, Yammanuru, and senior Max Alvarez represented their respective grades. Coach Chris Machol represented the teachers.

“I was really confident in myself. I’m looking forward to the next round though, the job is not done,” said Alvarez going into the final round.

Unfortunately for Alvarez, Yammanuru was ready to compete, answering 50 percent of the challenging questions correctly, winning the contest, followed by Machol in second, and Fleury in third. 

Each round progressively got more difficult with the third round asking questions like the circumference of the earth and original location of Yale University. 

“The questions in the first round were good. It was cool to see the competitiveness in my Connect room. I was rooting for my room winner as the questions got harder; overall, it was a really cool contest,” sophomore participant Griffin Kiniry said.

The high school administration wanted to host another school-wide contest, bringing the school together. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the contest transitioned to online to ensure all kids were safe and those at home doing interactive learning had the opportunity to participate.

“I think it’s important to do something for the whole school so we can come together and have fun as a group. It gives students and faculty the chance to bond with each other and as a whole school together. The goal was to galvanize and bring people together, and I think we accomplished that today,” Student Activities Director Chris Loomis said.

As the high school continues to build upon the safety precautions put in place from COVID-19, students and teachers are working together to create more events like the trivia contest while also staying safe.