Art Department creates National Art Honor Society


Lily Mastrobattista

Picture Perfect– Freshman Shannon Maye works diligently while painting a 3D art piece. Fine and Applied Art Department Leader Andrew Minor is behind the new National Art Honor Society branch at the high school.

Lily Mastrobattista, Features Editor

The Art Department is creating a National Art Honor Society branch that hopes to focus on the Art Department’s activities, expand, and give opportunity to art students here at the high school.
This year, Andrew Minor became the Fine and Applied Art Department Leader. Minor researched the requirements from the National Art Education Association (NAEA) and sought permission from Principal Scott Hurwitz and reviewed with the Building Leadership Team. After reviewing the honor society constitution and drafting bylaws, the process was underway.
“I was thinking about an area of need for our students; I saw that we didn’t have a way to formally recognize much of the great volunteer work our students already do. Since there is no time like right now, I thought I would see if there was interest,” Minor said. For a high school to be apart of a national honor society branch, they must pay fees and faculty advisors must be apart of the NAEA. Students who are interested in applying must have completed a minimum of three semesters of a Fine or Applied Art class, earning 90 or above as a final grade in each of the art classes. The students also must have participated in an Art Department volunteer activity.
Minor hopes that this honor society will help focus on some of the activities that the Art Department already does, and work towards a common goal. He hopes that this honor society will give students who may struggle in other classes or curriculum an opportunity to be recognized for their achievements in the arts.
Hurwitz shared his excitement about the development of the Art Department and the new branch coming to the high school.
“I am excited about having an Art National Honor Society chapter at Farmington High School. We have an outstanding art department with talented and creative artists and art teachers. I hope all members of our school community will be able to appreciate the outstanding efforts and achievements of our exemplary scholar artists at FHS,” Hurwitz said.
Plans for future fundraising are still underway as the branch starts to accept new members. However, Minor plans to do many different volunteer opportunities within the community and a Parents’ Night in the near future.