Capstone Networking Event connects students to professionals


MJ Martinez

How do you do?– Senior Luis Baez(left), who is enrolled in the Social Justice and Equity Capstone, speaks with high school alumna Katie Alperin (right) about his project. The Capstone Networking Event took place in the library on September 24 and 25.

Frank Fishman, Sports Editor

On September 24 and 25, students enrolled in Capstone courses met individually with professionals in their respective areas of interests during the Capstone Networking Event. 

Students were given the opportunity to ask questions of their professionals, as well as receive feedback on their initial project ideas. 

“The Capstone Networking Event provides students in Capstone classes an opportunity to connect with members of the community to discuss their Capstone project ideas. The event allows students to practice communicating with professionals in the community and begin developing a network of contacts they can connect with for their Capstone projects and future career pursuits. We had a variety of professionals in attendance, including social workers, engineers, doctors, educators, scientists, business owners, and lawyers,” Coordinator of Extending Learning Opportunities Steven Netcoh said. 

MJ Martinez
Successful session– Coordinator for Extended Learning Opportunities Steven Netcoh oversees the Capstone Networking Event which took place on September 24 and 25 in the high school library. The event allowed Capstone students to speak to professionals about their project ideas.

Additionally, the event encourages students to practice professionalism, dressing in formal attire and coming prepared and organized, all skills that students will need as they exit high school. 

Senior Tristan Grande, enrolled in Art of Leadership Capstone, met with Post University mens basketball coach Brendan Phelps. Phelps assisted Grande in several ways, such as connecting him with professionals that may help him with his project.

“I learned how to manage and begin the process of starting events. [Phelps’] previous experiences were very helpful. He talked about his internships and how just gaining knowledge and experience within this area is crucial. I will apply the knowledge he gave me by reaching out to local sponsors that could support my event,” Grande said. 

Along with connecting and networking, the events allowed students to hear what their career of interest is like from first-hand sources. 

Literacy specialist Jessica Tolles, who spoke with members of the Education Capstone, has attended the event the past three years and was pleased with how the education students conducted themselves. 

“This year, I was so impressed with how prepared kids were with really, really thoughtful questions that weren’t about the research they had to do, but really about what it takes to be a good teacher and how to make a difference in kids’ lives. I felt that from the conversations I had with all the students I met with that every single one of them is going to be amazing and really influence kids in the future. I left feeling that we are in a good place,” Tolles said.