Donut Crazy offers bold flavors

Ricky Podgorski, News Editor

A new type of crazy has been added to Farmington Avenue in West Hartford, Connecticut with Donut Crazy setting up shop. The new restaurant is unlike any other bakery around, with an extreme assortment of flavors and toppings.

Opening its doors last November, the bakery has pleased its customers with over 45 flavors of donuts, ranging from classic options, such as Glazed, to extreme, bold flavors like Coffee Cream Puff, Cannoli, and Lucky Charm. It is unlikely that the shop won’t have a donut to please even the pickiest of eaters. Anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy Donut Crazy immensely. Yet, I admit it can be intimidating when it actually comes down to ordering.

Last issue, Donut Crazy was, unfortunately, slighted from making it into the actual food competition. And, quite honestly, it’s a mystery why. Therefore, I decided to test out the donuts myself.

In order to validly test Donut Crazy, I ordered an average Glazed, a Brown Sugar Pop Tart donut, and a Blackhawk, to get a widespread variety. The Glazed donut was acceptable, as it was sweet, and the glaze was smooth, yet it was not that fresh.
Customers likely overlook the average donut and go for the craziest options, leading the glazed to be left in the

At the first bite of the Brown Sugar Pop Tart donut, I was startled by the amount of sugar
used. I found the chunks of Brown Sugar Pop Tart to be a nice topping on the donut, but overall it was
startlingly sweet.

Finally…the Blackhawk donut. This monstrous pastry seems overdone, with Oreo chunks and chocolate frosting drizzled over a warm chocolate cake, but it really hit the spot. As a chocolate lover, I found the Blackhawk donut delicious and satisfying, without leaving me feeling guilt and regret.

Donut Crazy presents an upbeat and energetic environment with bright neon lights and white furnishing. While the restaurant is small, it helps build an intimate atmosphere. Not only does Donut Crazy sell donuts, but they offer coffee, tea, and they cater.

The pricing, however, is a little high, with the crazy donuts costing $3.25, and the daily donuts cost- ing $1.95. Despite the cost, I still believe you are getting a bang for your buck, as each donut is significantly large and offered with a plethora of toppings.

The specialty donuts live up to the name of “crazy” along with the vast amount of menu options and beverages. For those looking for a sweet treat, Donut Crazy is the place to go.