Crist named Co-Executive Director of Connecticut Association Student Councils

Frank Fishman, Sports Editor

The Connecticut (CT) Association of Schools (CAS) hired English teacher Russ Crist as the Co-Executive Director of CT Association Student Councils. Alongside his Co-Executive Director Christopher Tomlin of Woodbridge Regional High School, Crist’s duty is to unify the student councils of the 180 Connecticut member schools.

“We [Tomlin and I] will create a statewide council that will help to promote the core values of leadership, service, and inclusion for all students. We will also offer hands-on leadership experiences for students leaders across the state, while also working to support advisers by sharing the knowledge gained from working with others at regional and national conventions,” Crist said.

Crist also serves as the Student Activities Director and Executive Student Council adviser at the high school.

“Mr. Crist’s experience, enthusiasm, and many talents make him an excellent choice for this position. I am thrilled that the good work that Mr. Crist has done at Farmington High School in supervising and coordinating our superb student activities program has now given him this opportunity to lead at the state level,” Principal Bill Silva said.

Executive Treasurer senior Kevin Gabree collaborates regularly with Crist on the Council.

“[Crist] is the most helpful and forward-thinking teacher that I’ve worked with. He’s a leader, but he guides us to delegate ourselves and reach decisions,” Gabree said.

According to Executive President senior Kieran Mangla, “there is not a better person for the job,” specifically noting his skills in “leadership, communication, and being a friend to all.” Crist hopes to further influence students outside the high school.

“In applying for, and accepting this challenge, I hope to impact even more students and schools in the areas of leadership, service, and inclusion of all students,” Crist said.