Farmington Public School Foundation hosts trivia bee fundraiser


Provided by Patrick Mulcahy

The best of the best– (from left to right) Social studies teacher James Dinnan, superintendent Kathleen Greider, principal Bill Silva, social studies teacher Patrick Mulcahy, and english teacher Vanessa Clarke wins first place at the Farmington Public School Foundation Trivia Bee Fundraiser. The team defeated Irving A. Robbins Middle School’s trivia bee team by one point.

Pei Chao Zhuo, Opinions Editor

  On Friday, November 10, the annual Farmington Public School (FPS) Foundation Trivia Bee Fundraiser took place at Farmington Gardens. The funds raised will be given as grants to fund innovative programs started by teachers in the school district. The foundation had previously funded the Engineering Lab and the Media Lab.

  “I’ve participated for the last few years–it is a fun evening and I am happy to be involved in an event that raises money for such a good cause,” principal Bill Silva said.

  The fundraiser was open to the public and consisted of a dinner, a live auction, a 50/50 raffle, and a trivia bee. Public officials, teachers, district administrators, and local business sponsors were present.

  Tickets to attend the dinner were $55 and an additional $25 permitted participation in the trivia bee.

  Teams for the trivia bee were made up of three to six people. Questions pertained to a variety of categories such as music, movies, sports, and technology.

  “I invited three teachers who I knew would be helpful in winning the Trivia Bee and who would enjoy the event,” Silva said.

  At the request of principal Silva, Mulcahy helped to recruit social studies teacher James Dinnan and english teacher Vanessa Clarke.

  “Though similar in discipline, both of these individuals possess an eclectic knowledge base that is ideal for trivia,” Mulcahy said.

  At the event, Superintendent Greider joined the team. According to Mulcahy, the superintendent made valuable contributions to improve the team’s performance.  

  “She was an incredible addition- particularly when it came to questions about the district,” Mulcahy said.

  20 teams competed in the trivia bee, and as the night drew to a close, Silva’s team narrowly won by one point over the team representing Irving A. Robbins Middle School.

  “The entire evening was wonderful. Working together with my team was noteworthy. I don’t always have the chance to collaborate with Dr. Silva, Mr. Mulcahy, Mr. Dinnan and Superintendent Greider for a singular event. I enjoyed having the opportunity to spend some time with them and help a worthy cause,” Clarke said.