Nine artists earn Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Kristy Pan, Editor-in-Chief

Nine students were recently honored and awarded at The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards focusing on different art classes. The award offers recognition in 29 categories and is open to all students grades seventh through twelfth.

The work that students produce are entered into the competition to compete against high school students across the state and are honored at this competition. The work is entered under one of the categories. First earns a Gold Key award, second place is a Silver Key award and the Honorable Mention awards follow.

Each year, each art teacher nominates five students from their classes to enter the contest.

According to art teacher Katarina McKinney, the biggest piece of advice she has for students who want to try to compete for this award is to take art classes, put time and effort into their work and go see art exhibitions for inspiration.

One high school student who got the Gold Key award was freshman Bella Abreu with her fashion garment titled Simply(city). According to Abreu, her piece was inspired by New York City, with a black and white scheme and varying textures.

 “It is so amazing to watch my ideas in my head come together through fashion and other art and I highly recommend anyone to enter competitions for things where they feel their strengths are, you never know what’s going to happen, and it’s a really fun and amazing opportunity,” Abreu said.

Another student who received a Silver Key award was senior Maya Habecker for her fashion garment and armor set called Atlantis.    

Her work included battle armor and two outfits she created last year, one for a man and one for a woman.

“The fact that I could get recognition for the art that I’ve done. I worked hard on it, so it’s nice when people actually recognize the time and effort it takes to do this stuff, and do it well,” Habecker said.

This event presents the art community a different place to showcase student work and presents itself as an opportunity to go out and show what they can do.

“I really appreciate that art students have an opportunity to compete and be acknowledged for their hard work, creativity and dedication,” art teacher Marguerite French said.