Daria Fournier uses her high experience and talents to help others


Joan Winner of Winner Photography LLC

To the rack– Senior Captain Daria Fournier driving to the hoop against Avon in the annual pink out game. Fournier will continue her basketball career at Eastern Connecticut State University.

EJ Sanchez, Sports Editor

Girls basketball superstar senior Daria Fournier has taken on the bright lights. After making the varsity basketball team as a freshman, Daria didn’t look back as she continued her growth on the court. Playing in front of large and loud crowds at a young age isn’t something most underclassmen can take lightly. However, from the getco, Daria took on the bright lights and only grew as a player. 

For her senior year, Daria was selected as captain by her teammates for her senior season. Her high level of play, and varsity experience, were some of the major characteristics that makes Daria a good leader. Her ability to pick others up even when she herself is down is another great aspect of her leadership. 

“Daria has been showing great leadership in the basketball program even before the season started. She has been there for me since the beginning of fall league, and has really been a great mentor for me all the way until now. She has learned from her own experiences in the program and because of that, she is relaying those lessons to me,” freshman Emily Sanchez said.

Daria’s love for basketball started even before she stepped foot into high school. Her love and passion for basketball started at a young age. 

“Growing up in Farmington it was a dream of mine to be on this court and play at the higher level. I always looked up to the high schoolers and these last four years I think I left my legacy. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have the opportunity to wear a Farmington Jersey. The girls are beyond fabulous and I love every minute with them. We’ve been through the ups and downs and at the end of the day it’s a learning experience for everyone. Our program has fought through obstacles and we  fight through them. The relationships I’ve created with my teammates and the coaches will always hold a special place in my heart,” Fournier said. 

Along with her basketball career, Daria plays soccer in the fall and also participates in the high school’s student council. Daria portrays her leadership skill on and off the court as she is the student council’s Executive President. 

“Daria is an excellent leader who represents our student body with a positive attitude every single day. There is no doubt in my mind she brings that same attitude with her everyday on the basketball court,” senior Brendan Occhino said. 

At the beginning of December, Daria decided to commit to continuing her basketball career beyond high school, at Eastern Connecticut State University. Her talents and level of experience in high school will only help her succeed as she continues her career.

The girls basketball team is currently sitting at 11-6, which is very respectable as the majority of their team is filled with sophomores and young talent. Daria has done a great job leading the team and will continue to do so as playoffs come around.