Matthew Martorelli steps into role of Athletic Director, works with rebranding mascot


Sydney Bigelow

Side by side — Athletic Director Matthew Martorelli (right) poses for a picture with assistant Athletic Director Terri Escajeda (left) in front of the building taking a break from administrative work in the athletic department. Martorelli joined the faculty in August for his first year as Athletic Director.

Sydney Bigelow, Managing Editor

In his first year as Athletic Director, Matthew Martorelli joins the staff to work with coaches, players, administrators, and families in order to schedule, communicate, and facilitate interscholastic competitions for three seasons of sports. Martorelli continues to emphasize the rebranding of the mascot to embrace the River Hawk logo and name. 

Martorelli is taking over the role from Ed Manfredi, who was interim Athletic Director from the 2020-2021 school year. Manfredi came out of retirement to fill the role after the sudden passing of the late Jack Phelan, long term Athletic Director. Martorelli is planning on holding the role as a more permanent position, trying to make an impact in his first few months. 

“Mr. Martorelli is a wonderful addition to our athletic department. He understands the importance of athletics to our students. Mr. Martorelli is continuing the work of Mr. Phelan. He is creating a community of involvement and sportsmanship with all of our student body,” athletic trainer Kelly Stokoe said. 

Martorelli played recreational sports for most of his life and started playing Varsity football during his junior year of high school. He then went on to play collegiate Division I football for the University of New Hampshire. In 2020, he received a certification in athletic administration through the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA). Before joining the Farmington community he worked as an Athletic Director at Northwest Catholic High School and Xavier High School. 

“Immediately, my goals are just to come in, try to meet everyone, learn everyone’s name, promote what they’re doing inside the classroom and obviously, out on the field. There are a lot of great kids… I  just want to promote Farmington and Farmington athletics,” Martorelli said. 

Using Twitter and Instagram, Martorelli frequently posts information and news from the athletic department. Everyday he uploads a graphic with the schedule of the day listing games and events stating the opponent, time, and location, allowing spectators to know where and when to attend. Within the hour following each and every game, Martorelli posts a final recap showing the score and a candid picture of the team. 

Martorelli attends home and away games to show his support for the teams and also to take pictures and videos during the game. He uses his own candid pictures for the Twitter graphics such as the schedule and the final score and he also posts videos of game play, team festivities, and other activities happening for the River Hawks. 

“Social media has allowed us to be able to communicate to our community very easily: what we’re doing, how successful we are, it allows us to tell a story. It’s just another way we can communicate and reach out to the community,” Martorelli said. 

As the fall sports season comes to a close, Martorelli will continue his work during the winter and spring seasons and years to come by communicating with Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) and other district Athletic Directors. He has formed relationships with athletes, coaches, and families, but works most closely with assistant Athletic Director, Terri Escajeda, who has been working in the role since 2003. Martorelli and Escajeda continue to work side by side to oversee the entirety of the athletic department.