tudent councils participate in bonding activities in first field trip of the year


Cecilia Kolenich

Bonding on the ropes — The Freshman council walks on wires in teams of two, cheering each other on as they go. Student councils went on a field trip in September.

Cecilia Kolenich, Broadcast and Media Coordinator

During the second week of school on September 9, students and teachers on the student council went to Winding Trails recreation center to spend a day rock climbing, wire-walking, and going on trust walks in the forest. 

“It is important for the student councils to learn how to work together as a team and know each other on a personal level in order to work effectively throughout the year,” Student Activities Director Chris Loomis said.

Loomis believes that this trip was a good way to get students working together outside of school so that they can work successfully together in the classroom as well. 

 The final activity that they completed was called “The Wall”. Everyone was asked to stand at the base of a 12-foot tall wall and help each other get over. There was a platform attached to the back of the wall on which people could stand to help their peers up.

“I didn’t expect this to be my favorite part, but doing ‘the wall’ at the end of the trip was easily the best. It was really great to see all of the students on the student council working together to achieve a goal. This is a naturally uncomfortable activity, especially if you don’t know everyone very well,” Class of 2024 advisor Sadie Robinson said.

The majority of the council members noted that this was their favorite part of the trip, mostly because of how challenging yet fun it was. Usually, this is an annual trip for the council but was canceled the past two years due to the ongoing pandemic. 

“[I] felt more connected to my peers and [it] was great participating in this as I had tons of fun,” Sophomore student council president Shivesh Mishra said. 

During the second half of their visit, the council members outlined plans for the upcoming school year while having pizza for lunch. They discussed homecoming events like the carnival and class hallways, specifically what materials they needed for each event. They planned games and booth decorations for the carnival and theme ideas for their homecoming hallways.