Senior Andy Dong places second in Nutmeg Symphony Orchestras Young Artist Competition


Courtesy of Andy Dong

Hard work pays off — After weeks of preparation, senior Andy Dong (right) performed for the Nutmeg Symphony Orchestras Young Artist Competition. The competition was hosted at Trinity Episcopal Church and organized by Marshall Brown (middle).

Shannon Maye, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Senior musician Andy Dong placed second in the Nutmeg Symphony Orchestra’s Young Artists Competition on July 24 at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Torrington. Dong plays both the clarinet and the piano but auditioned for the competition with the clarinet. 

To get into the competition, Dong simply signed up after hearing about it from his former band teacher, Tom Johnston. The preparation, however, was not as easy as clenching an audition. A midsummer competition meant practicing frequently when normally, the instrument would be left in its case. Although, the practice did pay off as Dong’s performance earned him second place. He later spoke on the preparation he underwent over the summer. 

“However much effort you put in translates into how rewarding the experience is,” Dong said. 

This effort was also recognized by Dong’s current band teacher, Jefferey Ventres. Ventres commented on Dong’s work ethic, and how it molded him into a talented musician. 

“He has spent the time over the years working on all of the fundamental skills necessary to allow him to perform at the highest level. He has an excellent ear and is dedicated in his approach to practice and development. This dedication and commitment has helped him to become the musician he is today,” Ventres said. 

 As for his plans for the future, Dong is considering joining the band program in whichever college he attends, to play the clarinet. He will also continue the piano, hoping to play it whenever he can throughout college. Dong spoke on his aspirations for music to have a strong presence in his future. Dong currently plays in Wind Ensemble and plans on applying for section leader.