Pasta Vita brings taste of restaurant quality to comfort of home kitchens


Sydney Bigelow

More macaroni and cheese, please! — The Pasta Vita macaroni cheese is topped with panko bread crumbs and buffalo chicken. The kitchen’s staff makes a variety of dishes from Italian cuisine and other cultures.

Sydney Bigelow, Opinions Editor

Every morning, Pasta Vita in Avon opens their doors to local customers to purchase meals to eat later. Stocked with fresh ingredients and authentic dishes, Pasta Vita allows customers to cook prepared meals and serve them in their own houses. The contemporary setup of dining combines the best aspects of the restaurant experience and happiness of staying at home. 

Chicken parmesan is a staple dish for many households – a sauced up variation of your average chicken entree. Pasta Vita’s take on the meal is classic and traditional to the dish, but their expert preparation and specific ingredients bring out endless flavors in a simple food. Although the purchase alone does not come with pasta, it is accompanied nicely by plenty of their pasta options, such as the pasta with chicken, bacon, and tomatoes, or the handmade gnocchi, tortellini, and fresh dried pasta.

A plentiful portion, the buffalo macaroni and cheese has enough substance and protein to serve as a full meal but also compliments an entree from Pasta Vita or from your own menu at home. Even though I’m not crazy about spicy food, I thought that the buffalo flavoring added a nice kick without overpowering the cheese and the breadcrumbs. 

Their delicious noodles are accompanied by plenty of options for sauces, such as alfredo, vodka sauce, clam sauce, or marinara. Larger meals, such as the shepherd’s pie or beef tenderloin, allow customers to serve multiple people with filling amounts of food. Chicken, seafood, and beef is the most common protein featured in dishes, but Pasta Vita has plenty of vegetarian options, such as linguine with vegetables and eggplant parmesan. 

From a quick glance at the menu and the name, Pasta Vita appears to be a primarily italian venue, but after looking around the shop customers can find dishes from different cuisines. Key plates such as enchiladas, traditional hummus, chicken curry, and more provide a little diversity for those who aren’t craving typical Italian chicken and pasta meals. The shop also provides breads, desserts, and drinks to easily complete any meal. 

Take-out dining has significantly increased during the past year because of the pandemic, causing people to avoid heavily populated public areas such as their favorite restaurant. Out of safety, families supported local restaurants through their take out services, something that has continued out of convenience even as regulations lifted. Oftentimes, the restaurant style taste is not the same when the food is taken home, a problem that Pasta Vita’s takeout dishes have innovatively solved. 

The unfamiliarity of the store can seem confusing, but Pasta Vita’s online presence and communication never fails to impress both loyal consumers and new shoppers. The staff and management are happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding the food or the experience, making it easy to adjust to this new style of dining, which will continue to gain attention and approval in the future. In addition to a shop in Avon, Pasta Vita is located in Uncasville, Wethersfield, and South Windsor, and has catering services available.