There is authenticity in actual handwriting

Hazel Hill, Staff Writer

Using the keyboard to write your words is very efficient and has helped people stay in touch in a fast-paced the world. However, the fastpaced world around us is not always the best option for our fast-paced thinking brains. There are those that say they can type as fast as they think, or that when they are handwriting they cannot get all their thoughts down onto the paper. The process of writing though isn’t supposed to be a speedy task. To write is to do art, and art takes time and patience to collect and form your thoughts before they are set in incoherent sentences.

The form of communicating and writing that has been around for centuries still has importance. In the past schools would teach their students cursive, many do not anymore. This has come at the price of not being able to understand cursive writing. Many old and important documents that have been made up in the past have been written in cursive. These old documents are something that will need to be able to be read in the future and now. Handwriting may seem like it’s getting old, which is true but handwriting is far from being outdated. We need to keep at learning and using handwritten words.

According to a Princeton University study, a graduate student observed the advantages of handwritten notes when learning. Mueller, the graduate student, found that students learn better from handwritten notes, compared to notes typed on a computer.

This is why most teachers prefer students to hand write their notes rather than take a picture or typing. Ironically, when you learn the alphabet and are learning to write, the process of learning the two at the same time helps students to connect with the letters in a more physical way which allows them to retain the sounds as well as the letter in itself.

Not only does handwriting help with the learning process of learning a language and the remembrance of material you are learning, writing is like a voice. Every person is their own character and has their own voice whether vocally or written.

When someone writes, their voice is shown through the words written, but also through their style which is
shown from handwriting. Writing in a certain font on the computer anyone can do that, and it is not personal. With handwritten words the audience can sense the emotion from the paper. The handwriting style is unique to every individual and adds much more to a piece than any print could.