Being aware of the pandemic while celebrating Valentine’s Day


Sydney Bigelow

Staying connected– Sophomore Sharon Olkovsky (right) and sophomore Sydney Bigelow (left) virtually talk to each other on a Google Meet. Those celebrating Valentine’s Day need to be aware of COVID-19 restrictions.

Sydney Bigelow, Opinions Editor

As we approach a full year that our lives have been taken over by the COVID-19 virus, we are faced with our first Valentine’s Day in the pandemic. After adapting to celebrating birthdays, weddings, and other holidays while social distancing, it is crucial to continue to practice safe gatherings on a day meant to be with your friends, family, and significant other. 

First and foremost, take advantage of virtual methods of communication to send a message of your admiration. Social media and messaging platforms have been crucial forms of interaction while practicing social distancing during the pandemic. If you are looking for a way to send a message to someone without risking exposure of the virus, continue to find ways to reach out digitally. Maybe even break away from online communication and send a note in the mail, the old fashioned way! 

Many people have taken their activities and meetings outdoors for additional measures against spreading the COVID-19 virus. In order to make the day special, take the practice of being outdoors and use it as an opportunity to discover an exercise or activity that could even end up becoming a hobby or a regular activity in your relationship or friendship. Explore local ski mountains, find an ice rink that offers open skating, or even find a trail to hike, weather permitting.    

A drive-by parade is a concept created by ‘COVID culture’ to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and other important events. Without getting out of their cars, friends and family drive by the house with decorated cars and signs, beeping and yelling out supportive messages. With enough creativity and dedication, the drive-by practice could become a fun event to plan for your friend or partner on Valentine’s Day. To make it festive, look for red, pink, and white decorations or find a romance inspired music playlist. 

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to spreading love, which can mean doing good deeds. By yourself or with a partner or friend, take the day as an opportunity to spread kindness around your community and help others. Make face masks for those in need of protection equipment, raise and donate money, or find a volunteer organization in need of help. Using your time to better your community is a guaranteed way to spread happiness, and feel it yourself.