Personal safety shields bring art into classrooms


Courtesy of Mercy Adekola

Pose for a picture — Senior Mercy Adekola sits at her desk personalized safety shield. Senior Lindsay Fielder decorates her classmates shields to bring art into classrooms.

Hazel Hill, Staff Writer

During the time of the global pandemic with Covid-19 people feel disconnected with their ‘normal’. Our lives have changed dramatically since the beginning of this pandemic and this is sure to continue. Whether it be our interactions with our own family or friends or new regulations for procedures to stop/slow the spread of Covid-19. One of the many new procedures implemented into the school day at Farmington High School (FHS) are personal desk shields for students. 

“I think that decorating our boards helps us express ourselves and show everyone our art,” senior Laura Klenner said.  

All students are required to bring their shields between their classes and transport them to and from school. In past years students at FHS had access to lockers to use during the day. For many years, high school students have used their lockers as a source of self-expression while they decorate their lockers. This year students do not have this opportunity in the form of lockers though this is replaced currently with desk shields. 

Senior Lindsay Fielder has been taking personalized orders for decorations on the boards from other students. 

“Designing my peer’s desk shields has been a fun creative outlet for me. I love listening to people’s ideas and creating something I know they will enjoy. I am grateful to be using my artistic skills to create beautiful designs for people in these uncertain times,” senior Lindsay Fielder said. “Seeing my artwork on the shields that students use everyday is not only awesome, but rewarding to a growing artist like me!”

Students have been taking the opportunity to show off their art skills and their peers’ art  they do on their boards.

“When I saw Lindsay’s post about designing boards I texted her right away I was so excited!” senior Caroline Connelly said, “I think that it is a great way for students to personalize their shields and really stay unique in this strange time. Also, it is a great way to get her [Fielder] talented work out there for people to see.”

Many students have taken the opportunity to decorate their own shields as well and to add a personal flare to the object they must carry around school. Shields can be decorated with stickers, markers, paint, pencils and more. Decorating the shields can be a great way to also relax and get your artistic side to shine. A board that is personalized lets you be safe with style. This is a unique opportunity for self-expression in the school setting, which is exciting to students.