Deviant Donuts delights customers with creative designs, authentic recipes


Ricky Podgorski

Sweet tooth — Customers have various donuts to choose from, such as Mario and Pokemon themed designs. Deviant Donuts is well-known for its creative designs and fun flavors.

Ricky Podgorski, Editor-in-Chief

Nestled in the heart of Olde Mystic Village, Deviant Donuts has been delighting customers with both its unmatched taste and decorations. Beginning as a pop-up shop in 2017 in Vault Donuts, the two merged and became Deviant Craft Coffee and Donuts, elevating the typical donut and coffee experience.

What sets Deviant Donuts apart is simply their attention to detail and innovative creations. While there are many donuts eateries in the local area that show off ostentatious decorations, Deviant Donuts regularly releases themed donuts that not only capture the aesthetics of the theme, but the flavors as well.

Deviant Donuts crafts their donuts in either their famous brioche, cake, gluten sensitive, vegan, or cro-do, a “croissant-donut hybrid” dough. By far, brioche is one of the most popular with its extremely fluffy texture and buttery taste.

From Disney to video games to traditional holiday treats, the details are unmatched. Changing their decoration themes weekly, Deviant Donuts stays interesting and trendy. For their Thanksgiving Pie menu, the eatery created a menu inspired from favorite Thanksgiving dishes, such as sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, and coconut creme pie to name just a few. Each was decorated to fit their flavors; for example the sweet potato pie donut had torched marshmallows on top.

The first time that I went to the shop, it was during the video game-themed week. Not native to the area, I was really taken aback by the overall cozy feel of Olde Mystic Village. Right in the heart of the village, there was a long line of eaters who were waiting outside and a separate line for those who pre-ordered. Deviant Donuts allows consumers to pre-order their donuts so that they can skip the line and guarantee that they can try some of the newest flavors. I took advantage of those option before arriving.

When I picked up my own box of treats, the decorations not only reminded me of some of my favorite childhood games, but also showed some modern relevance through their nod to games such as Minecraft. While I didn’t grab every new flavor, I was able to try a variety. I am happy to report that the brioche and cake flavors lived well up to the hype.

What is especially great about this shop is the amount of effort put in to meet the needs of all donut lovers. While I enjoy eating all types of foods, it’s good to know that both vegan and gluten-sensitive eaters can find something they like. Not only that, there is more than just one simple option. One of my friends particularly liked the Matcha donut during their vegan-inspired week. The green-tea infused creation was delicious and one of the best donuts she had ever had. She was able to bring home a box of other vegan-inspired donuts, such as blueberry lavender and funfetti.

Sure, the shop is a little bit of a distance from Farmington, but it is well worth it. While there are donut shops in the area that attempt to create colossal creations, nothing can compare to the amount of time and effort clearly put into the decorations and flavorings for each donut. The trendy, innovative quality of the donuts will always give consumers something new to look forward to.

And if you do decide to make the trip, while you eat your donut and sip your coffee, you can enjoy the beauty that is Old Mystic Village, making it the perfect day-trip for anyone. With plenty to do and an influx of other places to eat, traveling over an hour for these donuts well it well worth it.