Senior Convocation takes place with safety protocols


Together but apart — Seniors gather together for two seperate convocation events, one for Cohort A and one for Cohort B. The high school continues to adapt to the COVID-19 virus while upholding traditions.

Hannah Kirkpatrick, Staff Writer

Senior Convocation is a tradition that brings seniors together to kickoff their senior year. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event looks different this year.

This year’s celebration took place on the turf field with assigned seating to promote distancing. It will take place across two days as to allow each Cohort to safely distance themselves. Cohort C students were also able to attend. The first event took place on Thursday October 22, and the other one was planned for October 28 before being rescheduled for the week of November 9 due to inclement weather.

“We are so glad that the seniors were able to have a meaningful convocation program and take a class photo. We hope to provide as many experiences as possible to ensure students have an awesome senior year,” senior class adviser Patrick Mulcahy said.

Convocation consisted of speeches from Hurwitz, students, and a special guest speaker. Senior Executive Student Council President Olivia Giuffria spoke to Cohort A students, and senior Class of 2021 president Ricky Podgorski will speak to Cohort B. Hurwitz and special guest speaker coach Duane Witter also gave speeches.

Witter’s speech focused on purpose in life and came through in the form of a recording as Witter continues to recover from a bone marrow transplant as part of his on-going cancer treatments.

In 2019 the boys basketball team won the state championship with Witter. Witter instilled the message of “Believe” in not only his players but in the students of the high school throughout his 21 years of coaching. It was a very special moment for seniors to hear Witter’s speech due to the impact he left on the school.

“Coach Witter is one of the most influential people in my own life, and I knew his message needed to be heard by the Class of 2021. His strength and courage pose as prime qualities that this year’s seniors need to obtain and use through this difficult year. I feel his speech had quite an impact on both students and faculty and has provided everyone with some wise words to use in our own lives,” Podgorski said.

Per tradition, the seniors took their class photo, but at a distance. Cohort A formed the “20” on the turf during their Connect period. Cohort B will form the “21” on the turf. Those in Cohort C were also invited for the picture.

Both convocations will be filmed and edited together to make one celebration. In spite of the challenges the high school faces this year with the pandemic, Hurwitz assures seniors that they will make it memorable.

“We’re going to find a way this year and make it a special experience for all the seniors,” Hurwitz said.