Ski sundown reveals winter guidelines

Connor Wogen, Staff Writer

Mandatory COVID-19 safety precautions have critically impacted many normal, everyday activities. Skiing has been no exception. As the virus started to plague the nation, every ski resort in the U.S was forced to close by the end of March. Due to the resorts having to close early because of the virus, many smaller family run resorts faced financial ruin. These resorts had to find some way to overcome this problem and get skiers back on the slopes.

Resorts across the nation are looking for ways to allow skiers and snowboarders to safely ride the mountains this winter. To survive, these resorts have developed specific safety guidelines which customers and staff must follow in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19 to make this coming ski season both safe and fun. Local ski resorts, such as Ski Sundown, have already made their plans for this coming ski season very clear: they will be open, but will have several safety precautions in place. In fact, the CT Ski Areas Association, which includes all four alpine ski resorts in CT, has put together a more specific, unified COVID-19 plan to keep citizens safe while on the slopes.

This plan, listed on the Ski Sundown website is as follows: “Keep Your Distance. Maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance from others when possible. Please do not congregate. Cover Your Face. Wear a face covering to protect yourself and others. Wash and Sanitize. Wash and sanitize your hands routinely. Hands to Yourself. Avoid handshaking, high–fiving or other unnecessary physical contact. Feeling sick? Stay Home. Be responsible and respect others. If you feel unwell or are experiencing a fever, cough, muscle aches and pains, sore throat, shortness of breath, or sudden changes in taste or smell, please stay home. Stop the Spread. Sneeze and cough into a tissue, cloth, elbow, or sleeve, not into your hands.”

These are the general guidelines for how the resort will operate this winter; however, Ski Sundown has made it clear that they are not just expecting customers and staff to abide by these rules, but rather customers and staff MUST follow these guidelines. Anyone who ignores or refuses to comply will be asked to leave the resort. Additionally, Ski Sundown will be taking direct action as well with policy changes such as: advance online ticket sales to prevent direct contact, reduced capacity in all buildings, lift accommodations (people on same chairlift must be related to one another or sit with empty seat between them), safety signs to encourage guidelines, limited food access in lodge, and enhanced sanitation. The resort is also encouraging people to dress for the slopes in their car rather than in the lodge. These safety precautions, if followed properly, should allow for a full ski season to take place this winter at Ski Sundown. However, it is 2020, and if there has been anything to learn about this year it would be to expect the unexpected, and be prepared for anything.

So if you are looking to ski this winter just follow these precautions and we will all work together to keep the slopes open for everyone this winter!