NFL is back but different than fans remember

Cullen Laberge and Nick Santana

The pandemic has impacted the National Football League (NFL), which is looking different this year: no fans, no fun, no tickets, mask-wearing masks, social distancing.

“The executive vice president in charge of football operations, have sent a ream of memos reminding teams to wear masks properly, physically distance where possible and limit access to locker rooms and other places where players and coaches congregate,” according to NFL press release.

COVID-19 cases have surged as the season nears its halfway point; cases have been accounted for on the Patriots, Titans, and the Chiefs. The revamped Patriots, players Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore had tested positive for COVID-19. And they both had to sit out for two weeks. Numerous other players and employees tested positive for COVID-10 delaying games.

With almost half the games being played, there are some clear favorites in both divisions. The defending champions Kansas city Chiefs and the Seattle Seahawks. The Chiefs are off to a 6-1 start led by MVP Patrick Mahomes, and ever improving defence. Seahawks start 5-1, letting Russel Wilson bake with his steady receiving core. Many NFL analysts predict this as this year’s Superbowl matchup. This NFL season may not be full of tailgates, screaming fans, and players jumping into the stands, but there is still much to look out for: will the Patriots miss the playoffs for the first time in 20 years? Can the Titans and Bears hold on to this good start? Can the Jets win a game against a high school team?