The new game changing update: Latest on the new iOS 14 update

Cade Mahoney, Staff Writer

On September 17, Apple released a new iPhone Operating System (iOS 14) update. The new iOS 14 expands the operating system (OS) with two options that hold the potential to radically transform the way you interact with the OS. The homescreen widgets and the app drawer which you can customize to your liking are some of those features.

Other major additions to iOS 14, include integrated Translate app compatible with Siri, pinned messages, better maps, Picture-in-Picture mode, new privacy and accessibility features. Apple has also taken the necessary steps toward a more minimalistic approach with FaceTime and Siri notifications.

A feature many have discovered and taken advantage of, is the customizability. Using Widgets and Shortcuts, Apple users are now able to customize their home screen with personal pictures and cool colors.

There haven’t been too many bugs with the latter stage beta releases for iOS 14 nor with the ultimate release of the software, certainly nothing that might be a show-stopper or make me regret downloading the update. That said, bugs usually appear with any iOS update and how significant they are depends on whether they impact something you depend on when using your phone on a daily basis.

The changes to current apps are thoughtful and useful, and new translation features add welcome capabilities to your iPhone. Some features, like App Clips, will require more effort on the part of developers and Apple, but the new widgets and App Library make your iPhone’s home screen a more welcome place to be. iOS 14 doesn’t just feature a number of the most important changes Apple’s introduced to its iPhone in a while , it also rolls out a number of the simplest improvements in recent years.

With the release of the iPhone 12, Apple’s latest update came just in time and is one of the biggest updates in recent years.