Gen Z feasts on the new celebrity meal: ‘Travis Scott’ Meal



Travis Scott made it- The world’s largest fast food chain has had a new mascot for the last couple weeks: Travis Scott. The Travis Scott meal ends October 4 when Ronald McDonald takes back the position.

Cullen Laberge, Creative Director

As many of us know by now, McDonald’s has taken the world by storm by introducing their new limited-time celebrity-based meals. The meal consists of a side, main course, and a favorite drink. 

The first meal to roll out was based on the popular rapper Travis Scott and his favorite menu items such as the Quarter pounder with cheese, bacon, fries, Sprite, and, of course, BBQ sauce. The Trend of getting the meal blew up on social media with popular phrases such as “Travy Patty,” ”Cactus Jack sent me,” and overall hilarious videos of the downfall of McDonald’s drive-thrus nationwide. 

After many Tik Tok videos, the fiery urge to get the Travis Scott meal came over me. The sad fact was that I am not a huge fan of burgers but I still brought along my favorite sidekicks for the task: my cat Renny and my dad Adam. To elevate the experience we drove to a Massachusetts rest stop. It was one of the better rest stops but still felt dirty and had some aging architecture. The ambiance of eating in a rest stop parking lot was as low as it gets. 

The actual food and side dishes were great. The Sprite you could really tell that the syrup was just reloaded, fries were packed with salt and packed my taste buds in joy. Dipping sauce of BBQ is not my top choice, (sweet and sour is obviously the best) but it still complimented the fries very well. 

The Quarter Pounder with cheese and bacon is not my first choice for Mc Donald food but this is Travis Scott’s meal not the Cullen Laberge Meal. With that being said, I dug in as I watched the Mass Pike and a nice older lady walk in front of the car. First impressions were good; it was hot; there was a lot of flavor and juice to the meat. The topping complimented the beef nicely with the smoky bacon and the classic set up of mayo, ketchup, lettuce, pickles, with the tomato taken off. The burger blew expectations away, and I can see why it is such a popular menu item.

For my rating, I would give it a 7/10. I love the meme around it, love the side, and drink. But I am not very pumped for a burger and sauce. Also, the lack of experience rest stop McDonald’s gives the customer is something to be desired. The meal deal cost $6, and it is worth a try before the Oct. 4 ending date.