‘The Tribe’ remains loyal to high school sports teams, unites student body


Cheering loud and proud-- The Farmington High School student section also known as The Tribe, cheer for the boys soccer team in their opening night matchup against Plainville Highschool. The Tribe has a long history at FHS, and brings the spirit to athletics.

Mike Gregory, Sports Editor

By now, just about everyone within the walls of the high school knows about “The Tribe.” Packed student sections, loud chants, and creative themes for games; the Tribe is the heart and soul of the high school’s athletics. This year, the Tribe has taken over local bleachers, packing in crowds close to 300 students at some games. Each year the Tribe is led by a group of 4-6 seniors who call themselves “FHS Superfans.” The Superfans run a Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat account to promote games and organize the Tribe.

The Tribe has been in existence for decades, but the integration of social media in recent years has made it easier to spread the word about big games and generate large crowds. This year, the Tribe has brought large crowds to a variety of different sporting events, including both boys and girls soccer, football, and boys and girls basketball. The SuperFans coordinate tailgates for games when the weather is nice, and students are able to enjoy food, and music prior to heading into the game.

“This year we have made an effort to really make the presence of the Tribe felt at a variety of different sporting events. In the fall, we held a huge tailgate before the football home opener, which is something that certainly hasn’t been done in a while at this school. The Tribe has a long history at FHS, and we want to continue that tradition and expand our horizons,” FHS SuperFans leader senior Mitch Guglielmo said.

Athletes feel that the Tribe brings a true home field advantage for games played in Farmington. Playing a game at home while almost a fourth of the student body is cheering for you is a special feeling for athletes, and on the flip side, it isn’t easy for the opposition to win a game in that kind of environment.

“Our team is undefeated at home this year, and we really feel like teams face a true challenge when they walk into our gym. The Tribe is amazing, and I love playing when the tribe is in full force at games. We definitely have a big home court advantage,” senior basketball player Grayson Herr said.

Perhaps the best part of the Tribe is the sense of unity and school spirit that it brings to the school. The Tribe allows students from all different grades to interact and come together at games, and hundreds of students all cheering for Farmington brings a sense of school spirit and pride that is powerful.

Every student has their own tastes and preferences, but when hundreds of students come together and fill up a set of bleachers at a game, there is one common goal: to help Farmington win. The Tribe has a long lineage at FHS, and that tradition will continue for years to come.