Twenty-fifth annual celebration of MLK day

Sophia Bottalico, Staff Writer

On November 2, 1983, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was officially signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. The establishment of this holiday marked the first federal holiday to commemorate African Americans.

The holiday was celebrated on January 20, 2020 making it the twenty-fifth annual day of honor. The holiday is acclaimed on the third Monday every January each year.

King was a proclaimed Civil Rights activist who organized nonviolent protests that fought racial injustice. Four years prior to his
assassination, King was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his dominant
leadership in the Civil Rights movement.

The most notable piece of Kings reign over the Civil Rights movement was his “I Have a Dream” speech that defined the economic inequality in America as well as calling an end to racial discrimination.

The everlasting impact that Martin Luther King Jr. has imposed upon both activists and citizens of America is still celebrated today. There was a Parade that occurred in Dallas, Texas and a freedom festival in South Los Angeles, California. Various cities across the country have events occurring in honor of King.